Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 miles...a Blog-a-versary!

100 Miles...Footsteps Toward the Goal
Project Three Six Five
A Little Blog-A-Versary!

Miles today: 4.7
Miles this week: 28.1
Miles in 2010: 118.8

I've been meaning to write this post almost 20 miles ago, but I've been so busy writing about other things, that it got saved as a draft and I'm already to 118 miles and I'm way past my goal...

So anyway, when I first started blogging, which was over 2 years ago now, I blogged here. Now, I am blogging here at Project Three Six Five, and I don't have much time for blogging other places. However, back when I blogged at 53millionminutes, about a year into my blogging, I copied an idea a friend of mine had for a "Blog-a-versary" and that meant that I had blogged for one whole year, and I wanted to make a memory of it. So I did this. I think that if you don't know me very well, you should click on that link and learn about a hundred things about me that you didn't know.

And if you do know me, then you should click anyway, because I bet you don't know all those things about me anyway.

Back to the whole reason I linked to the that I thought that each time I reach a 100-milestone, I should probably do some kind of special this is going to be my 1st 100 Blog-A-Versary.

I'll explain my run's run, which followed yesterday's big 12-inch snowstorm run, was a little better
because the sun was out...but there was still a ton of snow on the ground, which meant adventure wherever you ran.

Gregg and I had our first pre-marital counseling sesh with Anne, a spiritual life director at Lynchburg College. Afterwards, we changed at the LC locker room and ran from the college. It was my bright idea to run out the main entrance of the school and head up Lakeside Drive. Since there was so much snow on the shoulders though, it probably wasn't the best idea because of the safety issue...but we continued, with Gregg high-stepping it through the snow where there would normally be a sidewalk and me dodging/sharing the road with cars on what remained of the white line closest to the shoulder.

We hung a right on Moorman, ran down the hill to Old Forest Road next to Daddy Bim's (yummy BBQ if you've never had it) and took a right. We ran down to the house next to the side entrance to Monticello Park and I suggested to Gregg that we try to run through the trails in the deep snow. He said we could just run across the soccer field below the park, so we did...high-stepping the whole way.

Now, if you've never run through deep snow and still tried to be quick, I'd suggest you try it for a great workout. Gregg wasn't kidding when he said it'd be good training for me. By the time we made it the 100 yards across the field, I was out of breath and my legs were burning. It was a great feeling.

We headed up the very steep hill entrance to the park, and then took a left out of the park toward the Laurel School on the corner of Lakeside and Oakley Avenue. Gregg suggested that we run the playground field in the deep snow (again!?) across the front of the Laurel School, so we did...out and back and I told him I couldn't do anymore.

Somewhere in there I fell twice, yes, twice! I don't know what's wrong with me lately, because it seems I've been falling a lot...but this time I didn't get hurt. The first fall had me almost into one of those sewer openings on the side of the road next to the was covered with snow and my feet just happened to push the snow in and then slipped almost into the opening. The second fall was at the top of Oakley Avenue and I almost fell right on my left knee where the big ugly wound/bruise is, but I caught myself just in time.

We headed up Oakley Avenue, hung a right on Memorial, and then took Langhorne Lane and Vernon Street back to campus. It wasn't that long of a run...just over 4 miles, and it took way longer than usual for a 4 mile run, but it was fun, tough, and a great it was definitely worth it.

Now, back to my blog-a-versary...I think each time I run 100 miles, I'm going to write a special something in honor of that 100.

Here goes:

The First One Hundred
A poem...

I wake.
I plan.
I think.
I waste.

I wonder.
I eat.
I work.
I wait.

I zip.
I button.
I pull.
I lace.
I tie.

I walk.
I push.
I lift.
I move.
I run.

Feet up.
Feet down.
Weave in.
Weave out.

Hair flies.
Shirt moves.
Skirt waves.
Shoes scuff.

Legs burn.
Eyes blink.
Mouth breathes.
Knees bend.

Head turns.
Arms pump.
Feet hit.
Body pushes.

I run.

this is Blanka Croatian high-jumping body idol.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Icicle Eyelashes

Miles today: 5.3
Miles this week: 23.4
Miles in 2010: 114.1

I didn't believe it was going to snow.

I kept looking at the radar and it looked like the precipitation was going to stay right to the south of us.

Gregg didn't think it was going to snow either...but by the time I went to bed last night, it had started to snow. I still was a bit skeptical about how much snow was going to fall, so I went to bed with a very small anticipation of snow in the morning.

When Gregg woke me up around 7:00am, he had already been outside to shovel! I was surprised to look out the window to see 4 inches on the ground already...but I knew I had to run at 7:30, so I dragged myself out of bed, put on a hundred layers, including my magenta Smartwool beanie and Gregg and I drove out to Peakland United Methodist to meet his buddies.

I didn't have a running buddy this morning, so I ran by myself from the church out to Riverside Runners and back. This is what it looked like outside at the start:

As I started running down Peakland, the snow was blowing hard right into my face and pretty quickly the snow that landed on my eyelashes was turning into icicles.

I made it out to Riverside Runners and took another picture:

On the way back down Rivermont Avenue, I ran into a few cars that didn't want to move over for me, which was pretty rude, considering I know they had to see me...I was dressed all in black against a thick, white background. But, I made it back safely, finished about 5 miles, and grabbed my camera so I could get some more shots of the guys and our adventures.

Here's Jeff, Danny (with a snowman beard), Gregg, and Brian:

Gregg and I after we finished:

 And we all stopped at Starbucks to warm up with a hot's Gregg and I after we dried off a bit:

 We had a great run and it probably snowed another 3 inches while we were out. Hope ya'll enjoyed the snow day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

pepper spray?

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 18.1
Miles in 2010: 108.8

Yup. Listened to the guy (Gregg) who knows more than me and just ran a mile in the hood. Neighborhood, that is. My knee is still sore and a little swollen. Iced it after the run.

Heard that a girl was running on Boonsboro Road this week at 6am and was chased by a guy...she sprinted a mile back to her house and the guy couldn't catch her, but apparently he just slipped back into the woods...ugh.

I've always been pretty lackadaisical about running safety because I've always thought that no one would bother me...whether running alone or with someone. I often would run on Rivermont Avenue past Bedford Ave. all the way down to 5th Street downtown in the dark and think nothing of it. However, stories like the one above and advice from my fiancé encourage me to try not to run alone and to run in well-lit, safe places if I have to run at night.

Ladies...take your pepper spray.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Miles today: 5.9
Miles this week: 17
Miles in 2010: 107.7

watch this.

Doesn't it make you feel ambitious?

I am ambitious.

I am ambitious for attempting to run for 365 days in a row.

I am ambitious for trying to run right through my fall yesterday.

I am triple ambitious for my run today.


Well, last night after I got home, my knee was pretty sore and it woke me up a bunch of times throughout the night. This morning, Gregg put an ice pack on my knee when I woke up because it was super stiff and swollen.

It was my day off, so I slept in, walked around, did some chores, and my knee started to feel I thought I could go for a regular run.

I drove over to Lynchburg College and met up with Gregg and his lunch buddies to say hello and to start my run with them...not because I can keep up, but just because I like seeing them and I don't ever get to run at lunch time since I'm usually at work.

I ran through campus and up Vernon Street and Langhorne Lane, hung a right on Memorial Ave. and another right on Fort Ave. past the Fort Early Building. I was feeling pretty good on the run and my knee wasn't bothering me at all, so I kept running down Fort on what I like to call the "Me & Stacey Run." For some reason, this was a 5 mile loop that she and I did a bunch of times this it's our loop.

When I got out to Waffle House, I passed one of the lunch guys, Bret, on his way back from the turn-around point. I think my Garmin just had whistled it's 2-mile mark at me and since I wasn't hurting, I figured I could keep running and do the whole loop.

Well as I turned right on Fort Avenue by Grand Furniture, and then another right on Sandusky to head back toward the college, my knee started to kind of just throb. It was like there was a blob inside it that was jiggling around...and the only thing that didn't really give it that blob feeling, was if I just ran purely on my toes. So from about mile 3 (halfway down Sandusky) to the end of the run, I had to improvise my stride because if I let even the smallest part of my left heel touch the ground, it would make my knee just throb. UGH. My stride had to look super weird.

At this point, I was I really still have 2 miles to go????

So, I ran on, past the $60 spot (this is on Sandusky where, this past October, Gregg and I found 3 separate $20 bills on our run) down the hill (in pain at this point) and back up toward Perrymont and Thomas Road. When I started the uphill toward Perrymont, I was in a lot of pain, so I'll admit, I just stopped and walked for about 5 minutes. When I started back down Thomas Road, I just was trying to be finished, so I ran through the pain.

Finally got back to the top of the hill and ran back down Vernon Street and onto campus. Crossed my fingers that Gregg might still be at the school so I could give him a kiss, but was sad when I realized I had missed him.

Slowed down and walked to my car, looked at my Garmin (5.9 miles!?!), and at this point realized I probably shouldn't have run that far. I hobbled into my car (my knee was swollen and hard to bend) and called Gregg on the drive home.

And what do you think he told me?

He said, "Didn't I tell you just to run a mile on the track?"

Yeah, he did.

Did I listen?


He'd probably call me stubborn.

I call it ambition.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

at least it took 25 days...

Miles today: 3.5
Miles this week: 11.1
Miles in 2010: 101.8

oops. I fell.


seriously, though, it was September when I twisted my ankle and busted my knee while out on a run near Fort Avenue...and it was so bad that it almost caused me a DNF at the Virginia Ten Miler. I ran, slowly, however, and finished my 2nd Ten Miler...that's my knee in September (above).

<--that's me on the left, Austin on the right.

about a month later, in October, at Josh Yeoman's Deep Hollow Half Marathon, at Camp Hydeaway, I fell on the trail, again. I busted open the same knee that I hurt in September, and enjoyed some blood during the rest of the race. Austin, my buddy during the race, also fell, so we thought we deserved the "Best Blood" award...

so you'd think that was enough falling for me in the past 5 months...but it must be Fort Avenue that has bad blood with me...because tonight, while running, I fell again.

I don't know how my knee looks this bad (right) because I was wearing capris and they were covering my knees when I fell, but I hit the sidewalk pretty hard, because it's swollen pretty bad tonight and my palm on my right hand where I caught myself hurts a lot.

I ran about 3.5 miles, with the last mile being after I it didn't feel great, but at least it took me 25 days into this project to fall...

I probably should be icing it right wish me luck on my run tomorrow. :(

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm OBSESSED with this song...

Miles today: 2.4
Miles this week: 7.6
Miles in 2010: 98.3

if you haven't seen the Honda Accord Crosstour commercial, it's my current favorite...not because I like the car or Honda, but because of the music they picked. This song was written and sung by South African, Miriam Makeba (aka Mama Afrika) and released to the US in 1967. "Pata Pata" became a hit worldwide...if you don't know about her...I encourage you to read about her. She was exiled from her own country of South Africa for over ten years because of the statements she made against apartheid and the plight of black citizens in South Africa.

below is a version of "Pata Pata" sung by Daúde, a Brazilian eclectic pop-roots musician, released in 1997. you have to just makes you want to dance.

and in my

enjoy! run tonight was short. I left work late and was tired...and under-dressed.

Can I look like this? Please?

gotta go to yoga...

Monday, January 25, 2010

running cause you're angry

Miles today: 5.2
Miles this week: 5.2
Miles in 2010: 95.9

sometimes you just have to get out there and run through emotions.

i did that tonight.

can't hold it in, so gotta put it somewhere.

i put it in my feet and out on the road.

5.2 miles worth.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

football Sunday

Miles today: 3
Miles this week: 27.6
Miles in 2010: 90.7

woke up to rain today and realized today was a day where it would be a lot easier not to run...but even after sleeping in, wasting time, and procrastinating, the rain slowed and I got a short run in.

just off Wiggington Road, there's a neighborhood called Boxwood that I often run to from mine and then run has 3 steep hills going out and coming back and i hate them, but I know they're good for me...kind of like brushing your teeth after you wake up from accidentally falling asleep on the couch...

ran 3 miles with Gregg while it drizzled, but had to get back home quickly because football came on at 3 and Gregg's running buddies were coming i got home, did some cleaning, and worked on buffalo chicken dip and chili for the guys.

watched the first game and tried to root for Gregg's team, so we were both sad when the Jets lost...still can't believe the Vikings even made it to the playoffs with Bret driving, but am kind of happy to see New Orleans go to the Super Bowl. should be an interesting match-up in two weeks.

did a marathon of laundry.

now it's off to start a busy week.

The Last Poll

If you didn't see the results, in my last poll, I asked which of the 5 Major Marathons you'd want to run. I was a little surprised by the results:

Most people would want to travel to London to run a marathon, with New York City being a close second.

Check out my latest poll...and keep in mind that I have to run everyday of our honeymoon :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

elevation change?

Miles today: 7.1
Miles in 2010: 87.7

For those of you trail runners out there, this change in elevation is nothin'. But, for me, a tried and true road runner, I'll tell you what...running hills like this makes my butt hurt. Anyway, I ran from one of Gregg's friend's house off Hawkins Mill Road, out Coffee Road and up Old Farm Road. You can see by the elevation change that at the 4 mile mark on Old Farm Road I was at almost 1100 feet...and just after the 6 mile mark I was almost down to 700 feet.

Running Coffee Road is fun because it has a bunch of switchbacks that help you climb the hills, and Old Farm Road is great because it's an all-gravel road and is super soft. I definitely recommend running it if you haven't.

So my run ended up being about 7 miles and it was pretty slow because, quite honestly, I'm not a good climber...but hopefully in this year of running I can work on fact, I'll be posting some goals for Project Three Six Five soon...that way I'll have something to aim for.


Like getting faster.

Cross your fingers.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Run...

Miles today: 2.4
Miles in 2010: 80.6

I run because...
  • it clears my head.
  • it makes me feel beautiful.
  • it keeps me healthy.
  • it is challenging.
  • it makes me sweat.
  • I can feel the benefits.
  • I want to.
  • I want to be faster.
  • I am inspired by others.
  • it gives me energy.
  • I love to.
  • I have goals.
  • I have determination.
  • I want to get better.
  • I want to eat some junk food.
  • I like strong legs.
  • my legs were made to.
  • I want to inspire others.
  • it makes me happy.
  • it relieves my stress.
  • I like the rhythm.
  • if I hadn't, I would never have met Gregg.
  • I like to feel the pavement.
  • I like to push harder.
  • I like to try out new shoes and gear.
  • I work at a running store.
  • it's worth it.
Today after work I was really hungry and couldn't stop thinking about Olive Garden's salad and breadsticks. I asked Gregg if he would run just a couple miles with me and if we could go to OG afterwards, both of which he agreed to. I have to be totally honest...the majority of my 20 minute run was spent thinking about both of those food items.

Gregg and I just ran from the store down Rivermont Avenue to the Virginia Baptist Hospital and back...a quick couple of miles. I can't help but continue to notice that every time I run, things seem to get easier and sometimes more intentional. I love how my feet move a little faster than they did a month ago and how my breathing is less labored and how I feel pushing it out on hills. It's so invigorating.

While we were out, just before we passed Magnolia Foods, we passed Margaret running in the opposite direction. Now if any of you don't know, Margaret is a local new anchor here in Lynchburg and she was the girl who started this whole thing...she told me about her committment to run 365 days in a row and I thought it was such a good idea, I decided to do it too. She blogs, too, at a blog called Runningitis.

I imagined that I'd probably run into her sometime in this upcoming year, but I was surprised to see her tonight. I'm glad we ran into each's the first time we talked since I've started the project myself. She offered that we could run sometime. I hope this happens. I'd love to.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet me at the Greek Church

Miles today: 4
Miles in 2010: 78.2

today I had to go to work early to meet with ASICS and see the fall 2010 apparel/accessories line...being that I don't usually work until 10am, the 9:00am start for the day was a little early for me.

so, of course, I didn't wake up early and run beforehand like I should've, and plus, the weather was crappy this morning...

so I worked all day until almost 6:30 and then had to run after work. Gregg offered to meet me at the Greek Church at Blackwater, so that made the fact that there was freezing rain/sleet coming down a little easier to take since I had to run through it.

it's funny how the Greek Church gets so much publicity being right next to the main entrance of the Blackwater Creek Trail...I wonder if the church people mind all the traffic in their's just become a saying of mine..."wanna meet at the Greek Church?" and it's funny, because it never means that you're going to always means your going for a run, bike ride, or walk...

but if you said, "Hey, meet me at Holy Cross or Thomas Road" you'd know that it wasn't for a'd be to go to church...I just think that's funny.

we just ran an easy out 2, back 2 on the paved path...felt good and it didn't even feel that cold out...the freezing rain wasn't coming down hard, so I didn't get too wet.

it wasn't completely dark out, which made it nice to run in the dark because the sky was a strange orange hue...kinda glowy...and you almost didn't even need a headlamp.

but anyway...another run in the books. spaghetti for dinner. mmm.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Sucks...I Mean Socks

Miles today: 3.25
Miles in 2010: 74.1

I didn't want to run tonight. Here's why:
  • It was raining.
  • It was semi-cold.
  • It was already dark.
  • I forgot my gloves.
  • My legs were tired.
  • I forgot good socks. (What are good socks? I'll explain below.)
  • I only had a pair of shorts, no pants.
  • Gregg was at home.
  • I was tired.
But, my promise to myself weighs heavily on my shoulders as I decide, when, where, and how long I will run each night, and so, with heavy feet, I trudged out to meet some folks at Heritage High School to run around the cross country trail and Richland Hills. Despite the rain, I still had a great run...short, but sweet.

All About Socks I Think Are Good All socks are available at Riverside Runners!
Anyway, hope you check out these socks...come see them all at Riverside Runners!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i definitely prefer late morning to late night...

Miles today: 4.7
Miles in 2010: 70.8

ran around Lynchburg College today on what Gregg and his lunchtime runners call the "Friday Loop."

I'm obviously behind on my blogging since I just did two blogs for today and one for you can check out the map and that's about it.

I loved the weather...ran in short sleeves, soaked in the sun, and thought about how there's at least one other person out in Lynchburg today doing the same thing as's your running? Maybe we can run together...

Monday, January 18, 2010

a love story

Miles today: 3.2
Miles in 2010: 66.1

I had to run after work today, so I was mentally preparing for the run while counting the cash drawer. While doing so, there was a knock on the front door of the store, and to my pleasant surprise, Gregg showed up. He just told me he figured I might enjoy a partner on my run.

He's the best.

And so I tell you...a love story

Gregg, my fiancé and I, met while training on the Virginia 10-Miler course in September of 2007. Here's our little story (told in 3rd person...just because...):

Gregg and Heather couldn't have been any further from looking for the right girl/guy in the fall of 2007.

Heather was twenty-five and had pretty much given up on all the cowboys, bad guys, pharmacists, and muscleheads in Lynchburg.

Gregg was almost forty and hadn't found a girl who he wanted to hang out with all the time.

She was busy getting ready for her first half-marathon in August. He was busy helping his friend, Sarah, train for the same half-marathon.

She won a free pair of Mizunos at the race. He noticed Heather at that same race.

About a month later, Heather was out on Langhorne Road, training for the Virginia Ten Miler. Gregg ran up behind her on Farm Basket Hill heading back to E.C. Glass High school and passed her.

She was resting in the parking lot when he came up to her and introduced himself. She declined his offer to stop by the Corner Cafe.

In October, she went to the Corner Cafe for the first time with some friends and saw the owner of the running store, Jeff, there and said hi. Gregg was there with Jeff and noticed Heather again.

In November, Heather saw Gregg at the Lynchburg Road Runners monthly meeting where he asked again if she wanted to stop by the Corner Cafe. She was busy that night. It was less than a week later that Heather and Gregg finally started to talk.

She was out for a run, and stopped by the Corner Cafe. Gregg was there and the two of them started to talk for the first time. By the time they were done, it was getting dark and Gregg offered Heather a ride to her car in his new BMW Z4 convertible. She politely accepted and when he dropped her off, he asked for her number. Since it was almost Thanksgiving, and shre was replacing her broken phone when she got home to PA, she told him not to call her until after Thanksgiving, to which he complied.

It was the following week, on a Thursday, when she would hear from him again, and they got together to hang out. The following Saturday was the Annual Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5K and Gregg offered to pick Heather up and take her to the race in Bedford, Virginia. He surprised her with a vanilla latte, which she drank (even though at the time, she didn't like coffee at all) and they spent the morning hanging out at the race. It was after that race that Gregg and Heather couldn't stop hanging out with each other...and would soon be inseparable.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

wedding galore!

Miles today: 1.1
Miles in 2010: 62.9

today is Sunday and it was a long day...barely time for a run again...but I got a 1-miler in. i know the pink flowers above don't really have anything to do with running...but they are rununculus and i have wanted those as wedding flowers for a long time.

woke up early for church...message was about Mary's last words, "Do whatever He tells you." thought that was humbling. I keep feeling like i should do something about the people in make them lots of pot roasts and invite them over...or knit some socks or something...

made pot roast in the crockpot when i got home from church and left it to cook while i drove out to Roanoke to see Stace's apartment and take her to David's with me to pick out bridesmaids' dresses. :) had fun in the dressing rooms deciding on colors and stopped by the mall to shop just a little...(clearance at the GAP and Victoria's Secret!)...and then dropped her off and came home around 6.

wanted so badly to get a pedicure today because my toes are looking horrible...but just didn't have the time. ate yummy pot roast during the Jets/Chargers game and then fell asleep in the 4th quarter...woke up to another tear-jerking report about Haiti on 60 Minutes. :( i couldn't get off the couch...but then...

********************finally was motivated to run*******************

"Heather, get your @$$ upstairs and put on a sports bra!" yelled my fiancé.

and I asked him, "Are you a part of this too? Have you run everyday?"

and he said, "No, but I am a part of this with you. Do you want to give up? I'm not letting you."

and so we ran.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

long run: I'm tougher than i thought

Miles today: 10.4
Miles in 2010: 61.8

as Saturday tradition continues, Gregg's running guys chose to run from Peakland United Methodist on Boonsboro Road this morning. since i didn't have anyone to run with in particular, i decided to go along.

when we showed up, the pack was: Len, Jonathan, J.C., Bret, Brian, Nathan, Jeff, Matt, Dwayne, and Gary. some of these guys run everday at lunch with Gregg, and others have their own routines and just meet on the weekends.

i didn't really have a plan for where i would run, but i started out with the guys...feeling good because i actually kept up with them for the first 3/4 of a mile along Boonsboro and Trents Ferry Roads.

now, you have to understand that i kind of idolize the group that Gregg runs with. must understand then that running any little bit with them is like winning the Super Bowl for me.

when we took off, we ran down Boonsboro Road and turned left on Trents Ferry...since the pack was kind of tight and i was worried about being slow, i took the road instead of the sidewalk on Trents Ferry (where that mural is painted) and to my surprise, stayed with the guys easily. after the sidewalk met back up with the road, i was out front, running along with Bret and Len. who knew!?

after about just 3/4 of a mile though, i decided to take a right on Williams Road and said goodbye to the guys who were heading down Trents Ferry to Holcomb Rock Road on the other side of Boonsboro.

i started planning in my head what i was going to run, knowing that the guys were running 14 and would be gone for almost two I headed up Williams past VES and down VES Road back to Rivermont. took a left on rivermont, and decided to head down to the store. i saw jen anderson near Randolph College and Ellen Sarantos on Rivermont too. at about 4 miles, (just after I turned right on Magnolia past Riverside Runners), i decided i was feeling pretty good so i headed down to the hollins mill waterfall (which was raging, but had some pretty icicles on it, too) and got on the bike path.

i ran up to the 2 mile mark (just before that, there's a steep hill which was covered in ice, so i had to walk) and then to the Greek Church...and by that point I had run about 7.5...I kind of had only planned on running 7.5-8, but realized when i got to the end of the bike path that i still had about 2.5 to i was pretty tired, but figured i had to get back to the start somehow...and by this time my feet were hurting a little and i noticed my lower back getting much for all the asphalt/concrete...

i headed up langhorne and reminisced of warmer times and the Virginia Ten Miler. when i was almost back to Rivermont, i passed Nancy, Lloyd, and Deborah. ran down Peakland and passed Gregg, Bret, Brian, and Nathan, doing their last 3 or so miles. got back to the church and felt like falling over.

looked down at the Garmin 310XT on my wrist (i'm wear-testing it from the store, we sell them...) and saw 10.4 miles and said, " that for real?"

laid down to stretch for like 25 minutes.

good about long, eh? see above for map. i'm happy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

beautiful day...little time for running

Miles today: 2
Miles in 2010: 51.4

today is Friday.

it's also the 15th of the month of January.

that means it's payday!

the weather is the most beautiful it's been in about 4 weeks. that qualified for a super busy day at work and even a round of football throwing with my boss, Jeff, and colleague, Shelley this afternoon. she took these pictures. you can visit her over at it's balsamic, her photo-a-day blog.

it also qualified for deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

SO, unfortunately, that meant that today's work day, though it was to end at 6:00pm, went until 8:30pm and I didn't get my run in until post-work. ugh.

but i have an amazing fiancé who doesn't mind waiting for me after work for an hour to finish work that took an extra hour so that i have someone to run with. he's a sweetie.

short day. rest day. since I already had a long day. sayonara.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

when do YOU run?

just a quick comment on the poll i posted in the margin on my blog...

just in case you didn't catch the results:
  • 6 out of 27 (22%) people run between 5 and 10am.
  • 3 out of 27 (11%) people run between 11am and 2pm.
  • 14 out of 27 (51%) people run between 2 and 7pm.
  • 4 out of 27 (14%) people run between 7 and 11pm.

Now check out the new poll...if you could pick one of the five major marathons, which would you run?

Running is Personal

Miles today: 4
Miles in 2010: 49.4

don't think that spending time running with others isn't personal...cause it is.

I ran with a Lynchburg Road Runner friend, Nancy, for the first time's  funny how much you learn about someone when you run just a few miles with them.

Nancy has been running for just two years and is a little older than me...but she definitely can maintain! she offered me a lovely peppermint during the run and we chatted about pace, breathing, family, and work.

it was refreshing and interesting to run with someone I don't really know and learn some things about them that i wouldn't normally know unless we ran together.

 I learned that Nancy:
  • has a daughter who is 39 and a few grandkids.
  • prefers not to wear a jacket when running.
  • always carries some peppermints.
  • wants to run a 26 minute 5k this year.
  • used to be a bookkeeper.
  • has a strong kick at the end.
  • is fun to run with!
We had a great run and I am always looking for buddies to run with, so if you're reading this and you run an 8-9:30 mile, let me know. I'd love to run with you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

prayers for Haiti

Miles today: 5

Miles in 2010: 45.4

Ran around Perrymont Elementary tonight and honestly, can't stop thinking about the situation tonight in Haiti. I feel so sorry for the people in Port-Au-Prince. I feel sad that there are people there who can't even enjoy life, and running, and medical care, and possibly food or their homes. i did a little research after my run tonight and just was looking up people who are in Haiti right now who blog...and this is what i found:

Live Say Haiti

Heartline Runners

Buxman Family

Mangine Family

Haiti Happenings

Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center

so even though this has nothing to do with running (other than the topic that was running through my head while i was running)...i just hope that anyone out there who reads me who has any prayers in their hearts sends them up for the people of Haiti...i just pray that they are okay.

much love and many miles...heather.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the Lynchburg Road Runners Club

Miles today: 4.4
Miles in 2010: 40.4

tonight was the first meeting of 2010 for the Lynchburg Road Runners Club.

I had to work until 6pm and needed to be at the meeting by 7pm, so I just decided to run to Monte Carlo's, where the meeting was held.

I had a great run, only about 4.4 miles, in the cool crisp air and I even enjoyed running Cranehill and Linkhorne hills.

Hadn't run on Langhorne Road since before Christmas and kinda missed it! Jeff at the store told me I should wear a reflective vest before I left, so I listened. Probably was a smart idea. A car almost didn't see me until the last minute...and maybe wouldn't have seen me at all if I didn't have that reflective vest on!

...and when I got to the meeting, I was met with some disapproval by a few friends who don't want me running at night I found a running partner for Thursday morning...yipee! Can't wait, Nancy!

Back to the LRR Meeting:

estimated attendance: 25 people
usual attendance in January: 4-6 people

what a great start!

the Lynchburg Road Runners have been around for a long time, and through the years, the club has ebbed and flowed in terms of number of members and involvement in activities.

as a club, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September through May (June, July, and August are our break months) to discuss club business. we have guest speakers visit to talk about runner's health in the heat, foot care, footwear, among other topics. we've had local runner Sam Chelanga from Liberty University speak about his experience at D1 Cross Country Nationals, and we've had Jeff Fedorko from Riverside Runners share his expertise on footwear and running. every month is different.

in November, the meeting is always centered around an awards ceremony for the Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series, free pizza is offered and awards are given for age groups and overall places in the LRR Race Series.

December finds the club eating pizza and electing officers.

this December, the club elected new officers. they are:

President: Jonathan Perrotto
Vice President: Sue Jones
Secretary: Mike Mitchell
Treasurer: Vic Galan
Membership: Heather Vozel

so if you want to join, come by Riverside Runners and sign up! It's only $15 per person, $20 for a family, and $10 for college students.

See you out there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

+ (plus) one

Miles today: 5.2
Miles in 2010: 36

while running after work today, i had a significant moment of clarity while clearing my head of the days ups and downs.

and i just got to thinking that sometimes, there's just somebody in your life who just makes sense.

when I met Austin this summer, i didn't really think there'd be much more to our friendship than what we did when we worked together...she was 19, i was 27...just didn't think there'd be much between us.

but as i got to know her, i quickly learned that she was kind of like my "plus one" of running. (if you've never seen the "Plus One" episode of Sex and the City, i recommend it) Sometimes God just blesses you with someone you can just glide along with so easily...and that's her.

we started running together this summer and even though she's younger, faster, and way more in shape...we enjoyed our runs together...because it didn't mean we had to talk, it just meant that we could do it and understand each other.

she's a great girl and we logged a good many miles together before she went back to school at Wake Forest...and now when she's home, we always try to squeeze a run in. in fact, you'll remember that the crazy snow we had in lynchburg on December 18th...was just another reason for us to get out and run. here's a few photos we took during our adventures:

so what i was really just saying was that again, tonight, while alone on the Avenue, i just wished i had my plus one with me to enjoy the run. miss you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

not your ordinary neighborhood hang-out

Miles today: 5.6
Miles in 2010: 30.8

today was an interesting running day...

everything started out normal...woke up early, went to church, enjoyed lunch at the divine Lynchburg College cafeteria while meeting with the catering manager to plan our lovely wedding reception...followed by meeting a group whose name i will fail to mention here at the City Stadium for a 3:00pm run.

my good friend stacey and i drove together and met up with about 20 other runners to begin a tour of Lynchburg.

the run went something like this: started at city stadium, ran around the dog pound/humane society, down the train tracks, across fort ave. through 2 church parking lots, up and down the "W" streets parallel to Memorial Ave. (Warren, Westover, and Wilson) toward Lynchburg College, across Oakley Ave. and past one of the many barber shops of the Burg, past McDonald's and the Lynchburg Public Library, through E.C. Glass tennis courts and across campus, toward Langhorne and 5th, up Orchard Street (a big nasty hill) to Miller Park baseball fields and through Kenny's chicken drive-thru, across 12th, 13th, and 14th Streets and down Reed/Lancaster toward the Spring Hill Cemetery and finally to our destination: The Stadium Inn.

Now, for many of you who have been in Lynchburg all your lives, you may have never entered this fine establishment. To some, you've been warned it's not a place to others, it's just a neighborhood hangout.

To me, well...let's just say that their non-smoking section involves a port-a-john sized room with an a/c unit in a window built off the side of the building with just one table and two chairs and a temperature equal to the one outside, that their jukebox can kick it, and that their complimentary styrofoam bowls of Townhouse crackers give it a little character.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run today, and what's more, i enjoyed the company i kept while visiting the Stadium Inn.

It's true...they may be rough around the edges.

But grooving to Johnny Cash's, "I Walk the Line" and "One Piece at a Time" from the steady drone of the dusty jukebox, enjoying a drink with friends, and meeting folks like Johnny in his suspenders, bandana, and long, grizzly beard made the whole evening much more than just a day for a run.

it's kind of like visiting the Tea Room or the just enjoy the place for what it is.

it wasn't ordinary...but it was delightful!

half-time squeeze

just a note about yesterday, in case you were wondering...Gregg ran my short run with me...but in order for him to do so after i wasted my day away, i had to wait until half-time during the jets-bengals game. so just a note...if you want to run with your sig. other during the play-offs, you might just have to squeeze it in during the 20 minutes (or less) of half-time. we did.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday AM runs

My fiancé, Gregg, has always been a runner. He's loyal to the sport and has a great group of guys he runs 5 miles with from Lynchburg College everyday at lunch. On Fridays, as tradition mandates, the guys always call a run for the following Saturday. Yesterday, Gregg called the run from our house, meaning this morning, a bunch of guys would show up around 7:30am, ready to run 11+ miles.

Now, as tradition has continued, each time one of the guys has a run from his house, some of their wives have set the standard of offering different refreshments post-run. Gregg has always taken care of the Gatorade since I've known him...but when I found out that some of his runs from the other guys' houses included post-run pancakes or treats, I knew I had a challenge set before me.

So, for the past two years, anytime Gregg has called a run from our house, I've made sure I'm here to entertain. The first time I was here, I made brownies and offered them as a snack. The second time the guys came here, it was summer, and I thought I'd try pancakes and coffee, but it was hot and they weren't as big a hit as I had planned. As tradition would tell, I started making coffee and coffee cake for the guys a few runs back, and now, when Gregg calls a run from our house, I'm always asked if there will be coffee cake.

My orginal plan for today was to go for my own run early this morning (7am) and then come back in time to pop the coffee cake in the oven, but as plans often don't pan out in my world, I overslept and just barely made coffee cake in time for the guys' return. In fact, several of the guys had to leave, while a select few stood by and waited for warm coffee crumb cake.

It's a funny tradition, but it's one I cherish and hopefully will continue each time the Saturday morning run begins at our place. I enjoy seeing Brian, Bret, Mike, Jeff, Gary, Gregg, and others relaxing on the couches, quenching thirst with Gatorade, and munching happily on yummy coffee cake. It's my little treat!

PS: I did eventually run today, but that first full week of running did kick my butt. I was so exhausted from all of my blogging traffic and excitement, that I just barely kicked out another 1.1 miles. My foot has been bothering me slightly, so I'm trying to ice, ibuprofen, and relax for the next few days. But don't worry, I'm still running.

Miles today: 1.11
Miles in 2010: 25.2

Friday, January 8, 2010

short day

Miles today: 1.11
Miles in 2010: 24.1

Just an easy much to do...will write later.

A note to drivers: if you live on a side street that intersects with a main street, please, PLEASE, PLEASE always look BOTH ways when you're turning out onto the main street (for example: Lee Circle off Rivermont Avenue) I literally almost was plowed down by a woman who didn't even stop the whole way because all she did was look left and make a left turn without even looking right!?! Who does that? And if it's you, reader, then try to remember the famous line of your mother..."Don't cross the street until you look both ways." Thank you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you GU? 10 nuggets for today

I'm only on day 5 of Project Three Six Five...but here's a list of 10 little nuggets that made my day:
  1. GU Energy Gel
    if you've never tried it, check out their website, read the nutrition facts, and see why you should...I used GU for the first time today in pineapple and though I must say it's difficult to love the texture of gel going down...I am sure that this stuff works. my run was awesome tonight.
  2. a phone call...
    from a customer at the store can imagine my excitement at the end to find that someone i absolutely do not know had read my blog. our conversation went a little like this:

    Me: Riverside Runners, this is Heather!
    Customer: Hi this is John Doe and I got a call today that the shoes I ordered are in and I just wanted to let you know that I can't pick those up until next week.
    Me: That's fine, we'll save them here for you and see you when you can pick them. Customer: Wait, who did you say you were? Heather who?

    Me: (slowly) Ummm...Heather....Vozel?

    Customer: Like Heather of Project Three Six Five?
  3. Saucony
    we continued an appointment with our Saucony sales rep today, an awesome guy named Mark, and took a look at gear for the fall...i can't help but say that Saucony has done an awesome job of stepping up to the plate and hitting a few home runs in both apparel and footwear. can't wait to try some new stuff in 2010! in the meantime, the current Razor (see above) is a shoe i just can't wait to get my feet in. it's a waterproof trail shoe that is most def on my wish list. check out the rest of Saucony's current gear here.
  4. muffins
    Chris, music professor and shoe guy by day, amazing baked goods connoisseur by night, is an employee at our store...and brought in some amazing honey-sweetened blueberry muffins to work today. they were well worth whatever calories they contained.
  5. Mizuno's Wave Creation 11
    ran in these today for the first time and am excited to say that i love this update...i've been a creation girl since the 2007 Lynchburg Half-Marathon when i won a free pair of Mizunos after the race. since then, it's been really hard for me to change. i can always fall back on mizunos. i heart them.
  6. my fiancé
    i am so excited to marry this guy...he's so supportive of all my crazy goals, he loves me so much, and he makes pretty good dinners from time to time. he's my keeper. and yes, we're getting married on July 10, that does mean i'll be running on my wedding day and honeymoon.
  7. my friend Kelly
    had the pleasure of fitting my friend Kelly with some shoes today and seeing 2 of her beautiful children, Ryan and Alexa...and she does embroidery!
  8. a skinny vanilla latte
    my favorite drink at Starbucks, yum. if you haven't seen it, check this out.
  9. a new blog
    my friend Shelley from work started a photo-a-day blog. i can't wait to see a new pic everyday. just kind of wish i could press fast forward so i wouldn't have to wait everyday for a new one!
  10. my 5th run
    i'm so happy to say that i've logged 5.2 more miles in the book and did it with joy this evening. maybe it was the GU. maybe it was all of these great parts of my day. maybe it's just because i'm feeling so consistent and focused. it must be the blog...i love to all of you readers out there...are you listening? i hope so! tell me how i'm doing!

    Miles today: 5.2
    Miles in 2010: 23

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you haven't already seen it, then check it out! I'm linked at the Riverside Runners webpage. Just click here to see it!

Thanks Jeff!

RUNNING errands

Miles today: 4.55
Miles in 2010: 17.77

I needed to take my car in last night for an early morning oil change this morning so I could have it back in time for plan was to just run to the Mazda dealership with my credit card in my pocket and pick up my car so I didn't have to bother Gregg at work...

Mapped out both of the routes from my house...either Wiggington/Hawkins Mill/Cottontown or Wiggington/Old Forest/221...with the 1st route being 7.1 miles and the 2nd being 4.5.

Of course my original plan was to wake up at 6:45am and run the long route and be at the dealership by 8:15...but because I stayed up so late blogging like a crazy woman, I didn't officially get out of bed until 8am...but I figured I could take the shorter route and be at the dealership by 9.

So I bundled up and hit the road, and arrived at Mazda around 9, about an hour after they said my car would be ready. I walked in and my hood was still up in the garage and it wasn't clean...UGH.

SO that meant I had to get a ride back to my house from the friendly complimentary van at Nissan, still get a shower, and then borrow Gregg's truck to drive to the run today wasn't even the complicated part.

Good thing the driver for their van was super nice and complimented me (despite my sweaty head and nasty hair) because he was late and I didn't get home until 9:45.

But, I did get my run in for the day and I did end up at work with a little time to spare...

So here's my run:

and here's to a 4th day of running!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the Cold Hard Pavement

I had to suck it up without any excitement today and commit to running alone on the cold hard pavement. No one offered to run with me and I didn't get my run out of the way this morning, which left me to run my miles alone the dark, in the cold, and without my only pair of warm running tights (because they're in the laundry).

No news teams to share my ideas on cold weather running gear.

No running buddies like Austin to run our traditional after work Peakland Out and Back.

Just me.

And the road.

And a pair of capris that exposed the bottom half of my legs. UGH.

But, I continued my Three Six Five goal today and ran 4.75 miles after work.

I'm proud of myself.

Miles today: 4.75
Miles in 2010: 13.22

Monday, January 4, 2010

Buddy System Proves Strong

I came back to work at Riverside Runners and felt excited to share my new goal with my boss, the store's owner, Jeff. He's a runner as well, and I knew he might be excited about my goal and about my blog. I shared my information with him and he said he might even link to my blog on the Riverside Runners webpage! I think that would be way cool.

Anyway, I didn't have time to run this morning, because of course, it was the first day back to work after three days off, and quite frankly, I enjoyed sleeping that left post-7pm as my only option for running time.

In the middle of the afternoon, I was surprised when Jeff asked me to do a quick segment for WSET on what apparel is suggested for runners who run in below-freezing temperatures. I can't say that I wasn't nervous, but I loved the experience and love to share the link to the clip from tonight's news:

Fighting Cold Temperatures featuring Heather V.

Yes, that's me at the end there, showing apparel! What a great way to encourage myself in my own Three Six Five goal after being asked questions about things I myself should be doing!

Later tonight, Jeff asked me if I was running after work, to which I undeniably answered, "Yes!" He then asked if I brought running clothes with me (which of course even if I hadn't, I could always purchase something from the store...since there's running apparel all around me) and told me he had running clothes with him, and offered to run with me tonight.

SO, even thought it was horribly cold this evening (I believe a frigid, windy 25 degrees), I at the very least, had a buddy to run the cold 3 miles on Rivermont Avenue with...which I believe, always makes running a little bit better.

Miles today: 3.0
Miles in 2010: 8.47