Sunday, February 28, 2010

To have and to hold from this day forward...

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 20.5
Miles in 2010: 216.5

Gregg and I drove to Luray last night to visit our friends Paul and Wendy and their kids Raegan and Davey. We didn't get to leave town until almost 8:00 because of my run after work, which put us in Luray around 10:30pm. Paul and Wendy are super kind and gracious and Paul was waiting in the car with Raegan when we pulled up to their road so he could drive us through the pot holes and trenches created by the plows from all the winter snow.

When we got to their house, a few of Gregg's other college friends were there too, so we stayed up late talking and catching up.

The whole reason for the trip was to visit Paul's dad, David, who is a pastor at a little church in Chester Gap, to ask him to marry us in July.

This morning, we went to Pastor Dave's church with Paul, Wendy, the kids, and Jeff...and then afterwards went back to Paul's parents' house for lunch. Paul and his family are originally from England, which gives them some old English was fun to be at his parents' house because there are little figurines of Big Ben and the Tower Bridge around the house.

For lunch, I experienced my first Yorkshire Pudding (not pudding at all, but actually a kind of bread). It was so good...I even got the recipe from Paul's mum. After lunch and dessert (tapioca pudding and carrot cake), we asked Paul's dad to marry us. It was so cute because he took us downstairs to his office, pulled out his manilla "wedding" folder and gave us a few papers with diagrams about where you stand in the ceremony and the order of the ceremony...and then went over the ceremony with us...each little detail, including the parts..."to have and to hold from this day forward...". It was very sweet and Gregg and I are really happy that he agreed to marry us. He and his wife will just be getting back from England on July 8th, so he'll come down to Lynchburg on the 9th to do the rehearsal and then stay the night for Saturday and the wedding!
We had a great trip, and we spent the rest of the afternoon with Paul and Wendy and the kids...stopped by Jeff's house to drop him off after lunch, got a tour of his house, and then went back to the Johnsons to watch America vs. Canada Olympic hockey (boo!).

We had aimed to run while we were in Luray today, but it just didn't happen, so we didn't run until 10:00 when we got home. We were both tired, so I just offered myself the neighborhood mile...a little rest for a busy weekend.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Favorite Running Buddy

Miles today: 5.2
Miles this week: 19.4
Miles in 2010: 215.4

Today was supa busy at work and the day flew by...I was tired because I went to bed late after the meet last night and so I skipped an early AM run.

Gregg said he would run to the store to get some mileage in and then run with me when he got there, so he did just that. I love when he shows up at the store. I love seeing his sweet face. I really love him just so much. I couldn't have asked for someone better to love. Gregg is my absolute favorite person in the world. Here are some good reasons for my accolades:
  1. He listens when I need him.
  2. He makes yummy breakfast on the weekends.
  3. He is a really good cuddler.
  4. When I need a running buddy because I don't even want to run, he runs with me. Even if it's 10:00PM.
  5. He makes dinner when I get home from work at 8:00.
  6. He rubs my back a lot.
  7. He loves me even when I'm a whiner.
  8. He makes me feel pretty darn special.
  9. He tells me I'm a good runner.
  10. He encourages me.
  11. He says he can't wait to marry me.
  12. He smiles when he hasn't seen me in awhile.
  13. He loves doing things with me.
  14. He spends so much time with me.
  15. He usually understands when I'm having a bad day.
  16. He helps me get my things together when I'm feeling disorganized.
  17. He's REALLY good at surprises (like the time he surprised me on SHARP TOP with a DIAMOND!)
  18. He doesn't mind when I'm stinky and sweaty after a run.
  19. He also doesn't mind if I'm not all primped with makeup and nail polish and heels.
  20. He just plain old loves me.
Today Gregg ran from our house to the store (approx. 7 miles) and then waited for me to get my gear on and ran about 5 more miles with me.

We ended up running down Bedford Avenue past the Flowers Bakery to Hollins Mill Road, past the entrance to the Blackwater Creek Trail at Hollins Mill, and up the GIGANTIC Tinbridge Hill, down federal street, a left on 5th Street, a right on Main Street, a right on 12th Street, a right on Church Street, and straight down Church to Rivermont and back to the store. It was actually a pretty tough run and I ran pretty slow...but Gregg didn't mind, so that made me feel good. Good run, low mileage this week because I was tired, sore and you all know from the post a few days ago.


What would be the best value in a hotel in
Lynchburg to send our wedding guests?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gatorade & ODACS

Miles today: 4.18
Miles this week: 14.2
Miles in 2010: 210.2

I find it mildly entertaining that the top nutrition supplement on my poll was Gatorade and that today Gatorade pulled it's sponsorship with Tiger. I know I shouldn't be amused, because he probably really does have a problem...but I'm kind of glad that he's losing his sponsorships because I really do think Tiger doesn't deserve any special attention or role model privileges anymore.

Is that wrong of me?

I know it's controversial...but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm getting married in four months and I just wish that people like Tiger who are so much in the public's eye would be better role models in their marriages. It makes me very sad for his family. That's all I have to say about that. Sorry for ranting.

PS: my absolute favorite flavor of Gatorade now is Blueberry Pomegranate G2...and even though it turns my mouth blue, I kind of can't get enough of it.

More importantly, tonight after work, I headed over to LU to watch the conference championship meet for the ODAC. I hadn't run yet, so after I watched some of the later events, I suited up and ran over to the track, ran three miles, and then ran back to catch the end of the 5k. My run felt was kind of nice to run on the track...better than all the asphalt miles I've been putting in and of course felt pretty fast.

I helped Gregg analyze some of the 5k results with FinishLynx and then watched Lynchburg College win the men's and women's 4x4 relay at the end of the meet. It was enough to put LC's men on top to win the conference meet, but only put LC's women in second place...losing by just TWO points. Ugh!

Overall, Lynchburg College did very well...including my boy Ricky Flynn winning the mile. Great meet...great results.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's that Time of the Month

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 10.0
Miles in 2010: 206

Enough said...I was crabby and cranky, stressed and overwhelmed, tired and sore today. I ran a mile. That's it. And I don't even have anything to say about it.

But...after thinking a little and visiting a blog called twentysixpointtwoormore...I decided I need to ask my readers here goes...


If you ran 5 miles with me...
where would we meet?
Leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Miles today: 3.1
Miles this week: 8.9
Miles in 2010: 204.9

So about a week ago I told you that I was going to give up sweets for Lent. I celebrated my first Ash Wednesday with Gregg, and no sooner had I made my pledge to give up my ultimate nemesis, I cheated. got it. I'm going to be honest and tell you that just about everyday since last Wednesday, I've cheated on my Lenten promise. Now, I've had plenty of excuses, and many twists of what I really meant my Lenten sacrifice to be...but all twists and stretches aside, I just plain cheated.

Here's kind of how it went.

Wednesday, February 17: I ate a box of chocolate mint candies from Magnolia Foods...because they were in my purse from after Valentine's Day and I thought, "Well, I'll get rid of them now so I won't be tempted the rest of the time during Lent."

Thursday, February 18: I ate a piece of cake leftover from my birthday. It was in the fridge. I had to eat it. I told Gregg I'm changing my "giving up sweets" to "giving up candy."

Friday, February 19: Gregg and I went to Olive Garden for dinner with my birthday gift card. After our meal, I really wanted dessert...but I resisted (mostly just because Gregg said he was giving up sweets when I made my Lent decision, so he wouldn't eat dessert with me...and what girl wants to eat dessert by herself?!) and then had a big ole temptation slapped down in front of me when the check came...the ever-loved and always desired Andes mints! I mean, is that even fair?! So, I made the excuse that I had to eat it because of tradition and came up with something like: "oh, you're allowed to skip your Lent sacrifice on Fridays..." and ate not one, but two Andes mints. There goes the: "give up candy" part of the Lenten sacrifice. BAD ME.

Saturday, Februray 20: First, I ate a powdered sugar donut at Josh's race at Snowflex, then after dinner, Gregg and I both ate a piece of leftover birthday cake (see, he didn't keep up with the promise either!)

Sunday, February 21: After church at Holy Cross, there's always a big ginormous plate of donuts sitting on a table as you go out the door. Can I ever resist those? You guessed it: NO. Did I resist this Sunday? NO! When we got to Bethesda, ate our Benihana, and made our way back to the hotel, you would've thought I'd be so full and wouldn't need any sweets, but for some strange reason, all of that salty food made me want need have to have some mini Oreos from CVS. I ate them right before bed...and yes, I brushed my teeth.

Monday, February 22: I did not eat sweets all day on Monday...I even stopped in a funky bakery in Bethesda that makes glorious cupcakes that I really wanted to taste, but I resisted. I made it through sweets. Dinner at sweets...impressive, huh?

Tuesday, February 23: After dinner, Gregg got me a piece of birthday cake. I didn't say no.

Wednesday, February 24: I was very bad today. I ate a donut from 7-11. That's a sweet. I can't give up sweets. Then when I got home, Gregg and I finished the cake from my birthday.

So now, here we are, I made it through day #53 of running...but I can't make it through day #8 without a darn sweet to eat. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!

Part of it might just be that Ash Wednesday this year just happened to fall about a week before my period, and you know that pretty much meant that I couldn't possibly go without sweets in the pre-menstrual week...but at the same time...I feel like I've given up on a lot more than just my waistline. I can't follow my promise to God to give up sacrifice for Him. So, I need some accountability I suppose...and I'm going to try again. We'll see how it goes this time.

On a lighter, happier note...tonight after our wedding sesh with Anne, Gregg and I ran at Lynchburg College. It was rainy and yucky when we started, but it ended up being not so bad. We ran a mile around the track, a mile on campus, and then another mile on the track...and I even pushed it in the last mile. Gregg got my splits (and all you fasties out there, don't laugh at these...PW!)...something like 2:03, 2:00, 1:57, 1:52...which made me happy because I wasn't even trying that hard. Fast as fast can out when I start doing speed work, huh? Just kidding. I'm not fast...never will be. But I do like getting better, that's for sure.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 200th Mile Blog-A-Versary

200 Miles...Footsteps Toward the Goal
Project Three Six Five
A little blog-a-versary!

Miles today: 4.7
Miles this week: 5.8
Miles in 2010: 201.8

Today I ran through my 200 mile mark! I was pretty excited to be arriving at 200 miles...and I'm not even sure why...but after I thought about it a little, I decided that 200 miles is a pretty big deal...partly because if I did those miles all in a row, I could run from here to Charlotte, North Carolina! Isn't that crazy!?

So with that, in honor of my 200th mile, I give you a song:

I guess this just popped into my head after I thought about my miles. Hope you enjoy it!

And by the way, I ran 4+ miles in Wyndhurst today after work...and I must say that all those flat Rivermont miles have kind of given me a little bit of a break...because the hills in Wyndhurst are NOT easy. But I made it, and I even saw some pals at the Y. Now it's taco night at my house and I'm pumped because I love tacos...especially after a good run.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Home from the Hubbub

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 1.1
Miles in 2010: 197.1

Gregg had a quick business trip to make to Bethesda, I decided to go with him. We drove up yesterday afternoon and arrived around 5:30pm. Gregg had work to do at one of the AREVA buildings, so I took some work with me and just hung out til he finished.

After he was done, we went to Benihana, a Japanese steakhouse, for dinner. Here, the chef comes to your teppanyaki table (where you're seated with other guests) and cooks your food in front of you. Yum, YUM, YUM! We ate til we almost popped and enjoyed flaming onion volcanoes and shrimp tails flying into the chef's hat. My favorite trick by far was when he took an uncooked egg, spun it on the grill, flipped it in the air with his spatula and kept tossing it up and down like a ping pong ball (without breaking it while it still spun) and then flipped it one more time and caught it in his pocket.

Gregg ordered filet and I got chicken. The chicken-fried rice is also made right in front of you. So good! I had a california roll for an appetizer. I wouldn't know how to enjoy sushi if I hadn't gone to LA with Sarah a few years ago to visit my friend Mikey. We had real LA sushi and I learned the wasabi/ginger rules of eating sushi. It was so good.

Today, my plan was to head down to the Capital Crescent Trail, but after Gregg left for work, I just lazed around the hotel and got complimentary breakfast. I dressed for running, but I never actually made it out the door...and soon it was time for lunch. Gregg came back and we went to a little deli, the Hampden-Cafe that made EXCELLENT sandwiches. Now, even though we were in fancy schmancy Bethesda, I did think the food was a little overpriced...but it was still really good, so I guess was worth it.

After lunch, Gregg went back to work and I shopped around Bethesda a little...I hit the National Jean Company, and a cute store called Sassanova. I stopped in RnJ Sports, just to see what kind of running shoes they had, but I was honestly unimpressed with the store. It wasn't very nice inside. Gregg and I met back up around 2:30 and went back to the hotel to get the Cadillac DTS that he rented so that we could drive through DC and then head home.

The second part of my running plan today was to drive to DC, park somewhere, and run around to all the monuments with Gregg. However, when we got to DC, it was 4:00pm, there were NO places to park, and we drove around in a million circles trying to find somewhere to stop...and on top of that it was raining and yucky outside. Bless his heart, Gregg tried so hard to find a place so we could run, but it just didn't happen, so we ended up leaving and heading home.

We stopped in Gainesville so I could check out The Running Store, and then ate dinner at Panera. We finally got back on the road and headed to Lynchburg. We didn't get home until almost 10, and by this time, I wasn't too into running...but I needed to get a mile in, so I laced up and headed outside with Gregg.

We ran my neighborhood loop kind of fast and got back inside. I was tired from a long day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Miles today: 4.4
Miles this week: 26.3
Miles in 2010: 196

Today when I woke up my hamstrings felt like junk. I didn't want to go to the 7:30am run and almost skipped. I didn't I headed out to Boonsboro Shopping Center with Gregg and began a run that my legs didn't want to do. I ran with Gregg, Jonathan, Gary, and JC on Old Boonsboro Road and then back to Boonsboro Road, but my legs just couldn't hang with them, so I slowed down around Peakland UMC and hung back.

There's this amazing feeling that happens when you know you've worked your muscles so much that they are just fatigued...that's the way they felt yesterday. This morning, though, is the not-so-amazing feeling of un-bending-ness and soreness.

Part of it probably has to do with stretching. Last week I went to yoga four times and felt so limber. This week I had no time, worked late most days, and was too tired to make it to yoga. In hindsight, it probably hasn't helped. I feel like spaghetti.

So anyway, I ran to the Peakland intersection, realized I HAD to go to the bathroom, ran to Kroger, made a pit stop, and then returned to Peakland and ran to the end, turned around, and went back to Boonsboro Shopping Center. I ran REALLY slow. My legs wouldn't let me go I guess that means today was just a get out and shake 'em loose kind of day. Stretch, recover, relax.

Gregg and I were supposed to go to Luray last night to visit a friend and talk to our potential marriage pastor, but our plans were cancelled by a surgery, so I'm heading up to Bethesda today for one of his trips. I'm kind of excited to get out of town and enjoy a hotel.

Hope the weather stays nice! We're going to run in DC on Monday! Stay tuned!

And PS: have you seen the U.S. Olympic medal dominance?!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fleming Mt. @ Rocky Mt. Road

Miles today: 9.1
Miles this week: 21.9
Miles in 2010: 191.6

Gregg and I started the day by heading up to Candler's Mountain to help Josh Yeoman with his Liberty Mountain 5k Trail Run this morning. It was pretty cold and windy up on the mountain, but we had a good time working the clocks at the finish line. The race was well attended...almost 160 runners. Josh did a great job.

After the race, I ran a few errands, checked on the store, and then planned my run. Today's run was not easy. In fact, when I set out to run today, I was pretty sure I was only going to do between two and four miles. But...after the weather warmed up a bit, I decided I wanted to go on a little longer run. Gregg was running with me, so I kept asking him where we should run. I didn't want to run from my house or on Rivermont because I spend a lot of miles there, so I suggest that we head down 501 to Shortcut Road. Gregg agreed, so we drove out past Eagle Eyrie and parked at the church on the corner of 501 and Shortcut.

Now, if you've never driven or run up Fleming Mountain, you wouldn't know how tough it is, but as seen in the elevation map, from just after mile 1 all the way to the top of the mountain at 4.5 is a steady incline...a gain of almost 700 feet. My original plan was to get to the top and then come back down...and then I changed my mind and wanted to run out 45 minutes. By the time we were almost to the top, we were past 45 minutes and I just wanted to get all the way up...but I was so tired. I whined and complained for about 100 meters of the steepest ascent, but Gregg pushed me through, and when we hit the top of the mountain, I stopped for a scoop of snow and admiration of the view from above.

We headed back down after I finished my snow and stopped for a bathroom break, and I felt exhilarated by the descent. It was a great run...lots of snow, mud, and splashy gravel. My legs were completely dead when I finished, but it felt great. Stopped at BP on the way home for a big jug of Gatorade. Mmmm.

Tomorrow's run is gonna hurt.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Miles today: 2.3
Miles this week: 12.8
Miles in 2010: 182.5

Today's run was short and sweet. I ran down Rivermont after work, fell and caught myself with both hands, kept running a bit, and then turned around and came back. I am happy that today was 50 degrees or so and that a lot of snow melted.

I kind of forgot what grass looked like. I can't wait until spring. I don't mind running in snow and ice...I don't mind icicles in my eyelashes...I don't even mind wearing a hundred layers of clothing. But I'm sick of the cold. I'm sick of cold, biting wind. I'll be happy when we have 3 consistent 50 degree days in a row. soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Don't Want to Run

Miles today: 3.2
Miles this week: 10.5
Miles in 2010: 180.3

Today after work I was tired and cold and didn't want to run. Sometimes several times in the past two weeks, I haven't wanted to run at all. I am tired from working a lot and running a lot. For me, 25 miles + for the past 6 weeks has been kind of tough. I know I'm not even comparing to some runners I know (like Megan and Angela's 15 mile long runs or Patterson's 100+ mile weeks) but I do know that this is the best I've ever done. The videos above and below say it best.

So...with that, I'm just being honest by saying that some days
I don't even want to run.
Isn't that horrible? I hope that in the next few weeks I can build back up to 25+ mile weeks, but I think this week only holds just over 20 miles. That's okay. There aren't any rules with my challenge besides running a mile a day. And I'm meeting that goal. It's just not always easy.

Poll Results

If you were wondering, 16 out of 21 (76%) people who voted said they excercise everyday.

5 out of 21 (24%) people admitted that they struggle with physical fitness. Interesting results.

Check out this week's poll (What supplements do you use before a run?) on the right margin and don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Miles today: 3.0
Miles this week: 7.3
Miles in 2010: 177.1

I'm going to say that I had two firsts happen today and then I'm not going to really talk about much else.

My first first is that I went to my first Ash Wednesday service at Holy Cross today. I didn't grow up Catholic, so back home in my church we didn't get ashes on our forehead in honor of Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and occurs 46 days before Easter. Usually, people who celebrate Lent give up something during the 40 day "fast" between Ash Wednesday and Easter. I haven't always done this, but I think it's a good time to commit to something as a spiritual and personal sacrifice. So, with that, I'm giving up sweets for Lent. (yes, that includes cupcakes from Magnolia) 

I think it's a really cool tradition, reminder, and symbol. The ashes are from the burnt palms from last year's Palm Sunday. Church members are encouraged to bring in their palms (which they save for a year!) and then they burn the palms and use the ashes for the service.

The symbol of the ash is partly to remind us that we came from dust and we will return to dust (Genesis 3:19)...that our bodies are not what connect us to God, but rather our spirits. The ashes also serve as a sign of repentance by that who recieves them. I like that symbol and reminder.

Gregg and I sat next to my friend, Sarah, during the service. I LOVE Sarah so much and used to teach with her...but don't hardly get to see her anymore. She's expecting a little girl on March 30th! We sang Servant Song, one of Sarah's favorite hymns, which always makes me happy to hear. I think we may use that hymn in our wedding like she and Ryan did.

I used to wonder why people had a dirty mark on their foreheads on this day, but now I have a dirty mark and I've learned this tradition.

My second first is that tonight when I ran after church, I did the Boxwood loop, and I ran it under 28 minutes for the first time...which means I bested my pace by 30 seconds per mile since I ran the loop last (which was last Tuesday, February 9th). I think that's a pretty good improvement in a week and it was windy and cold out tonight. I ran 3 miles and felt great.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Miles today: 3.2
Miles this week: 4.3
Miles in 2010: 174

I ran a 3.2 mile loop on Rivermont today and enjoyed the run in the daylight with most cars paying attention and seeing me since I was running on the road. However, there was one car that came so close to me and the snow bank that I started to sweat a little and thought that I might have to tuck and roll if the driver didn't look up. He did look up and nothing happened to me, but it still made me a little nervous.

I had a yummy lunch from Magnolia foods today as well...a turkey and bacon cream cheese wrap! They have great food.

At Riverside Runners today, we had our first meeting with Deborah Compton, as our Moving Comfort representative. Deborah has been our Balega rep for many years, and gets us the latest info on our #1 selling socks. In fact, I'm pretty excited about the Hidden Comfort sock coming out in COLORS! They are offering a hot pink, purple, neon green, and orange. I think they'll be a hit.

On top of all these great socks that we love at Riverside Runners, as a store we've just brought on the Moving Comfort bra line. As a store, this means we'll be in a place we've never been before--helping women with specific bra sizing.

Did you know? approximately 80% of women do not know/wear their correct bra size!
That's right. That means that Riverside Runners is going to be a woman's one-stop shop for buying sports bras! Almost or equally important to a woman's shoe purchase is a quality sports bra for impact support.

Did you know? a D-cup breast can weigh between 3 & 5 pounds! That's a lot of extra weight to be carrying around! Get a bra that supports that weight!

We are excited to have three styles: Fiona, Pheobe, and Vixen in full size runs in the store now! Stop by and I'll measure you and help you find a bra that works!




Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday to me!

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 1.1
Miles in 2010: 170.8

Today was seriously the best day I've had in a long time. Here's why:
  1. I woke up and went for a (short) birthday run.
  2. I dried and straightened my hair for the first time in a long time.
  3. I got to work and was followed by Jeff with a birthday balloon and cupcakes from Magnolia Foods (my fave)!
  4. Dave, from Mizuno, came to show Jeff and I the fall 2010 footwear line. We also took a look at some apparel...and after we were done, since it was my birthday, Dave gave me a jacket and some Breath Thermo tights!
  5. I had my birthday lunch at Phila Deli.
  6. While eating my lunch, I checked my email on my phone and was super surprised to see an email from Saucony...telling me that I won last week's contest for my choice of a Garmin 310XT or an iPod Nano. You can guess which one I picked.
  7. I went home after work and Gregg told me to get ready quickly because we were going to dinner.
  8. When we pulled into La Carretta's parking lot, I was a little surprised because I thought we were going somewhere fancy and we just had Mexican last night.
  9. my we walked in, I saw my good friends Sarah and Ryan, who surprised me by coming. Then, when we went to sit down, more people kept popping in...Jesse, Stacey and Drew (all the way from Roanoke!), Jeff, Tom, my sister, Meghan, my brother-in-law, Ed, and my niece, Ella...I was so surprised!
  10. We ate dinner, and then I was surprised again with a big sparkly sombrero on my head and a yummy cake...and everyone sang to me.
  11. Since I had such a lucky day, I wanted to play the lottery. We stopped at the Shell station on the way home, and the lotto machine was down, so I just bought a few scratch-offs...and won $20!
  12. When we got home after dinner Gregg gave me a sweet birthday card and a gift certificate for a massage! Yipee!
Thank you to all my friends who made my day so special, and to Gregg, my lovey, who surprised me and cares about me so much!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Miles today: 7.0
Miles this week: 23.2
Miles in 2010: 169.7

Today is Valentine's Day and that makes me feel pretty romantical.

I got up early to meet Austin to run from the Boonsboro Shopping Center parking lot...and I was right, the spicy chicken was haunting me once we started running.

Gregg, Brian, John, Gary, Jonathan, and Len all ran, too. Austin and I ran with them up Old Boonsboro and down Boonsboro to Peakland and then slowed down there. I still love keeping up with Gregg's guys...even if it's only for like half a mile. I always feel like a super star.

Austin and I ran down Peakland and then Rivermont to Riverside Runners and back the way we came. It took 30 minutes to get to the store and 32 minutes to get back to the parking lot where we we didn't negative split, but the wind was in our faces on the way back, so I think that accounts for the two minute difference.

Anyway, we ran a total of 7 miles and it was a really good run. When I run with Austin, I'm always feeling like I have to push harder to keep up with her--it's good for me because she's a way faster runner, but I wonder why I don't push myself harder when I'm running by myself. I'll have to work on that.

After our run, Gregg made me breakfast, and then we got ready for church. While I was in the shower, he put out roses for me, and when I went downstairs to leave for church, I saw them. He's funny because he's really good at surprising me. The roses were yellow minis. So pretty!

After church, we came home and vegged out for awhile. Gregg was sleepy because he ran 17 miles yesterday. We Skyped Gregg's mom and David and then just did nothing all evening. I needed that.

My sister invited us over for funfetti cupcakes, so we grabbed some dinner at Mi Patron and then headed over there. My niece was so cute because she loves to blow out the candles, but she wanted me to do it, but then after I blew them out, she wanted a chance too, so she asked us to sing happy birthday to her too. She's so silly.

Funfetti cupcakes are delish! Gregg is my Valentine, and tomorrow is my birthday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

bridesmaid bonanza

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 16.2
Miles in 2010: 162.7

I know I'm really behind on my blogs and today is actually Tuesday and I'm blogging about Saturday, but I promise I'll be all caught up by tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

Today was the Queen of Hearts Poker Fun Run, so I woke up early to ice all the cupcakes I made last night. When I was done, I probably made almost 100 cupcakes. Pretty good for last minute.

We set up for the run at the Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church, who graciously offered us one of the nicest rooms in the church to begin and end our event. They were so giving!

The event went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to really enjoy running and playing poker at the same time. The grand prizes were gift cards to the store and two pairs of free Mizuno shoes.

After the run, I headed to the store to work. We got pretty busy and Patterson stopped by to chat. I just love when out-of-towners come home. I love to see them! Pat had to run 21 miles this afternoon, so he was about to go out for that run. I kind of can't imagine doing 21 miles just for training. Maybe someday.

I left work around 4:15 and picked up Austin to head to Roanoke to pick out her bridesmaid's dress. Stacey met us at David's Bridal and I think Austin had fun trying on the dresses and picking one out. Seeing bridesmaids and wedding stuff makes me so pumped for the wedding! I can't wait.

I didn't get home until almost 8:30pm, and I was starving, but I still hadn't Gregg, my constant encouragement, pushed me off the couch and I went out for my mile run. I know I've been a little lazy this week, but I just have been sore in a couple places and really tired. I think week 6 of training must be a "hump week."

Mile was cold and blustery and I didn't want to do it, but once I was out there, it felt good. Of all things, when I got back to my driveway and went to push stop on my watch, I saw that I had never pressed start, which kind of ticked me off because I think that was my fastest mile around the neighborhood ever. Ugh. Oh well. Got the run in.

Gregg and I went to Wendy's after that...not a wise choice since it was almost ten...but I was so hungry and everything was closing, so I had a spicy chicken sandwich. I'll probably pay for it in the morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Mile Short

Miles today: 3.2
Miles this week: 15.1
Miles in 2010: 161.6

It was a super busy day today because so much was going on at work and in my I was kind of bummed when I didn't get to do everything as planned.

We had a pretty busy day at the store, and we had some planning and buying left to do for the Queen of Hearts Poker Fun Run tomorrow, so that made it a little crazier, plus Austin was coming home from Wake and Patterson was running the mile at Liberty and it is Valentine's weekend and almost my birthday! I'll be 28 on Monday!

I went out to Wal-mart around 3:30 in the afternoon to get food for the poker run in the morning. I kind of had fun getting all the treats, but getting to Wal-Mart was a different story. Every traffic ramp off the expressway near the mall/Wards Road was backed up a mile. It took me so long just to get to Wal-Mart, and then everyone in the store seemed to be in the aisles I needed to go down. It just took forever. I think people were out shopping to make themselves feel good since they were stuck inside for the past few weeks...severe case of cabin fever.

On top of all that, when I was checking out, I had picked up a 30+ pound box of bananas, and the kid at the register tried to weigh the whole case on his register scale, which obviously didn't work out because the box was way bigger than the scale, so he had to take each bunch of bananas out of the case and weigh them took forever. I felt bad for the kid and for the guy behind me who picked the wrong line because of my slowness. It was funny though, because the guy behind me struck up a conversation, asking about all the bananas...and we ended up talking about running (he used to be a runner) and my running everyday for a year thing. It was kind of cool.

I finally got back to the store after 5 and did some last minute race prep stuff...race numbers with team names, gift cards from the store for prizes, etc.

I really wanted to be able to go see my buddy Patterson run the mile at the Liberty Quad indoor meet tonight, but I ended up having to close the store, and couldn't make it. I was still really proud to hear about the results and wish I could've been there.

Closed up the store and then + (plus) one came to go for a run. You can imagine that running with Austin made me very happy. We just ran from the store down to Oakwood and back...nothing fast or far, but it was good to catch up with her and get a run in.

By the end of the night, I was exhausted from a busy week and tired muscles, but when I got home I still had to eat dinner and bake 50+ cupcakes for the Queen of Hearts I spent the evening with Gregg watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and baking cupcakes. I'm really excited about the Olympics...what fun to watch these amazing athletes! I also love keeping track of the medals (see below).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Rest Day

Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 11.9
Miles in 2010: 158.4

I was right...I knew I'd be sore today, but I actually think it's more from the yoga than anything else. I woke up early and went for a short mile run around the block and rested my weary legs. It was supa cold and windy out this morning. Ugh. The mile around my block is not an easy it's not actually an easy mile to run, but I enjoy doing it about once a week or so because I like to see how I improve on the same course...doesn't everybody?

I had a lucky day at work because we had hardly any special orders (only 4 pairs of shoes from two companies!), so that made my morning easier since I was at the store by myself for the first hour.

I also received a lovely, lovely pair of Saucony shoes in the mail from my main squeeze at Saucony, Mark Johnson, and will soon be revealing my love affair with the new shoes (unfortunately, they are not the amazing Jazz shoes above...but maybe even a little bit better!). I can't wait to share them with my readers! Woo-hoo and a big thank you to Mark and Saucony for my early birthday present...did you know I'll be TWENTY-EIGHT big ones on Monday?! WOW.

til tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a much needed day off

Miles today: 5.54
Miles this week: 10.7
Miles in 2010: 157.3

today I had the day off from the store. I worked six days in a row last week and put in almost 50 hours (on top of the fact that I'm running everyday) you can imagine I needed a day off besides Sunday.

anyway...I started off the day by waking up early and eating Pillsbury cream cheese cinnmon rolls (get coupons here) that Gregg made. he's the best for making breakfast for me in the morning.

I fell back asleep and woke up an hour later and spent an ungodly amount of time surfing Facebook and my favorite blogs...but that's okay, because it was my day off.

Headed out to yoga at noon and had a super class with Christine. Yoga is very relaxing and invigorating.


Since it was my day off, I felt like I wanted to do things I never get to do, so I headed to the J. Crew outlet store in Wyndhurst and did a little shopping. They were having a 30% off sale (which ends Saturday, February 13)...where I found a few great deals, including a mint green wool scarf for $11.50. yipee! and a very fabulous necklace (seen below). I don't know when I will wear this, but I'm pretty pumped about my necklace.

After my J. Crew trip, I went to Chick-fil-a for a free chicken sandwich (via coupon) for lunch. I know, you're probably thinking that I don't eat very healthy, but I usually do, and this was just my day off, so it was like a special treat.

I stopped by the mall after lunch and found a cute pair of Nine West flats for $20 from Macy's...for which I had a gift card, so I didn't pay anything at all!

After the trip to the mall, I had to go pick up Gregg at work for our 2nd pre-marital counseling sesh with Anne at Lynchburg College. I can't tell you how much I absolutely love going to see Anne. She's really good for Gregg and I. She has excellent things to say, is a super listener, and gives us both insight into how each other functions as's funny what we learn about each other at our meetings. I love the time we spend there.

Finally, around 6:30, I got my run in. Gregg and I met Jeff at the Starbucks in Boonsboro and did a 5 point something mile loop around the neighborhood behind Old Boonsboro Road and out Peakland and back. It was a solid run...super cold, and mostly icy (i.e. dangerous), but a good run nonetheless.

After the run, Jeff came over and lifted in the basement gym. I had to give Gregg and Jeff a few pointers about their weight lifting...unfortunately, they still have old ways of doing things from the 80s and after muscle-girl Heather got through with those two knuckleheads, they had improved on form and technique.

I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow from all this activity...but it's good for me and I'm not pushing too hard, so that's okay.

See you on the run!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Miles today: 3.0
Miles this week: 5.2
Miles in 2010: 151.7

today was a super busy day and a yucky weather day. I've been trying to run in the morning because it makes my day a lot shorter than when I run at night...

so this morning, I woke up earlier than usual and actually went for a run. a neighborhood close by mine, Boxwood, is a great place for me to run to, and the loop is three miles, so it's a good distance too. The only problem with this run is that it's SUPER hilly and I'm always slow on it...but I suppose that's okay because I don't always have to be fast when I'm just out there getting miles in...right?

anyway, I went to work after my run, had an average day (I did get to help my friend Kelly and see her cute kiddos), and then left work a little early because I had planned on going to yoga at the downtown Y. it started at 6, and i got there just in time...but the weather had kind of started to get bad, so not too many people were in the class...just me and 4 others. That was kind of was a little more personal. After, I had to hurry out of class to head over to the LRRC monthly meeting at Monte Carlo's.

Yoga is so good for you. As a runner, it's PERFECT for stretching and lengthening the body. It makes me feel so good afterwards and I'm just sorry that I haven't been doing it for awhile. You'll probably read a lot more about yoga in the coming year because it's just so good for me to do it. Above, you see a man doing a pose called sarvangasana or shoulder stand. I love this pose because during it you can do a lot of different things with your legs and it makes you feel kind of super power-ish.

The video below is of Bryan Kest, a famous yoga instructor with a studio in Santa Monica, just going over some pointers for people in his class. I love how he's very hands-on with his students. I bet he'd be amazing to take a class from...maybe someday.

In the meantime, you'll find me at the local YMCA supplementing my running with amazing yoga classes. I'm so thankful for teachers like Christine and Leesa, who really are devoted to the practice.

Namaste. I bow to you.