Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Miles today: 1.1
Miles this week: 3.1
Miles in 2010: it's just under 500 miles! I'll get back to ya on exact numbers.

Sorry I've had a two month hiatus. I know that's not good.

In fact, it haunts me almost everyday thinking that I had a huge (okay, not huge, but substantial for me) blog-following, and then I just up and ran away and left you all hanging. I suck.

But really, I do have a good excuse. Wedding planning got in the way of blogging and it came first and all I've been doing is loving my fiance, running, working, and planning the wedding. Literally. In fact, sometimes it feels like I'm not even getting all of that done.


I made a committment, and even if it means that I never get back those lost blog days (for which I have tons of blog posts saved as drafts)...then, oh well. I at least will have a log with some entries, even if it's not 365. I will know that I have run EVERY SINGLE DAY since I started...I've not given up on the running part. And that's what's so important!

I have lots of shoes and fun stuff to share with you all from the store, as well. So get your reading glasses back out and get ready. I'll try to back-blog when I get a chance. For now...just enjoy my feet. They look kinda skinny, don't they? I think it's all this running I've been doing.

And PS: I almost forgot. I ran a mile with Gregg tonight after work. Just a mile, nothin' serious. I like our miles together. Kinda can't wait to run the 25 feet down the aisle toward him...my favorite running buddy. :)