Saturday, January 19, 2013

Workout Wednesdays

Day 10. Thursday, January 10th.

Yesterday was a bad day. I fell down. It hurt. Today was better because:
  1. I couldn't feel as bad as I did last night.
  2. A workout was on the calendar for yesterday and I didn't do it, so I would do it today!
I love Workout Wednesdays. Maybe it's because I never ran for a team in high school or college and workouts represent the coached athlete. Maybe it's because I really do like speed and seeing how quickly I can turn my feet over. Maybe it's because the time and the miles pass so swiftly when I do a workout. Maybe it's because I often do them at the track at LC and I pretend like I'm in college on a team and someone actually cares about my performance besides me.

Whatever the reason, I always look forward to a good speed workout. Today really was my first real workout since training for Richmond. Last Wednesday I ran a few intervals on Fort Avenue, but I wasn't that focused and I didn't get my speed down to where I wanted it. It was my first real week back of running.

day 10. january 10. post-workout...compression sox rock.
This week's workout was to run 5x2 minutes a little faster than 5k pace. When I run on the track, I like to break down what my speed should be and then figure out what distance I should be able to run for a given interval.

I warmed up on campus and up Langhorne Lane.

Gregg came over to the track after my warmup to watch.

I started my intervals. It was warm-ish outside for January but I had on long sleeves and compression socks. I love how running on the track instantly warms me up. I start sweating, my breath is labored, more rhythmic. It's the pattern and consistency of the track that I really enjoy. Knowing that each lap or part of a lap is going to be the same if I work hard enough.

I had 3 minutes of recovery between each interval. They flew by. They seemed to go faster than the 2 minutes of actual running.

By the fourth interval, I was hurting a bit. Gregg had gone inside and the only person to look at was a passerby outside the track. The lights weren't even on because school wasn't back in session. It was dark, I was alone, and the night was quiet.

When I'm almost done with a workout, I always try to make the last interval really count.

day 10. january 10. don't stop believing!

Those last two minutes, I pushed harder. Really gave it my all. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. Hurt so good.

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