Saturday, January 12, 2013

A little catch-up

Days 1-5 mileage (week 1): 25.66 miles

I've started the year off on the right foot for the most part. I've run 2 miles everyday, not including today, so that's 11 days of running with no major problems or issues. Here's a quick recap.

Day 1. New Year, new goals. Goal was to wake up and participate in the New Year's Fun Run with the Lynchburg Road Runners. Plan foiled when I stayed out too late with Gregg, Chelsie, and Cheyenne on New Year's Eve. No big partying, just late (1:30am) to bed. Ugh. Couldn't wake up to go to the early run, schooled by Cheyenne who went to bed probably later and was still there. Haha. Ran 5 miles in the afternoon from my house to Hawkins Mill Road and back. Good, easy, little-bit-o-hills run.

day 1. january 1. nike spike skull shirt

Day 2. Everyone went back to work and I'm off so there wasn't much to do. Original plan was to go to Holiday Lake and run a loop with Chelsie and some other ladies who are doing the race (no, don't worry, I'm not running HL, just want to see what the loop is like...not interested in this weird ultra thing...jk.) but the plans didn't work out. Wednesdays are usually speedwork days when I've trained for my past two marathons, so Coach gave me a workout and I headed over to LC and ran some intervals on Fort Avenue. They weren't easy, but it is my first speed day in awhile and I'm out-of-shape. It's early, right? At least I was wearing a cute pink sparkly headband!

day 2. january 2. intervals on Fort Ave.

Day 3. It would've been so much more convenient if I woke up and ran this morning, but alas, it's me against my I.Hate.Mornings. self and I didn't win. Ran just under 3.5 miles on the Avenue after work. Had to be back to the store in time for Gregg to pick me up for dinner at Waterstone with Mark from Saucony. Easy run and even better hummus, pita, and veggie dip. I could eat that for my whole meal and skip the pizza. Yummo!

day 3. january 3. i have hummus to eat!

Day 4. Woke up with the early folks for our Run-A-Latte with the RR staff and our Saucony reps. Met Chelsie at the store at 6:30, ran to Starbucks, then met the 7:00 peeps for the rest of the run. Ran just over 8 miles and some were fast, quality miles. Felt strong. Coffee tasted good. Even wore my Skhoop skirt to keep your buns warm when you wear tights. Super cute and fuctional (it was like 25 degrees out when we started!)

day 4. january 4. "ain't no walk in the park."
day 4. january 4. skhoop skirt and Run-A-Latte

day 4. january 4. kylie, kristie, claire, jeff, jeff, and me
Day 5. Gregg ran to the store and met me after work to do 5 miles. He's a super husband. We ran from the store to the bike path, downtown, and then up Cabell Street and Rivermont back to the store. That Cabell Street ain't no joke.

day 5. january 5. running skirts chevrun print
day 5. january 5. NYC 26.2 tank from Firedaughter Clothing on etsy

Day 6. Was able to wake up and meet Chelsie at the normal Sunday run group. It was cold and my legs were tired, so we ran less than 3.5 miles, but we had coffee/hot chocolate after and that tasted good.

day 6. january 6. i'd rather drink coffee than run far today.

Day 7. Today after work is a staff meeting. I had about 2 hours in between work and the meeting, so I drove home and then ran back to work. It's a 7 mile run, and except for Wiggington Road in the dark, I really enjoy that run. Ran in a pair of pink CEP compression socks. They make my legs feel nice. Staff meeting went really well.

day 7. january 7. this USA T&F shirt makes me run faster.

Day 8. Didn't feel like running that much today. It was kind of windy but not that cold. Got my butt out and did though, but only ran 2.75 miles on the Avenue after work. Saw a man walking his dog while I was running. The dog wanted to chase me, so I swung out off the sidewalk into the street to pass them. I'm not taking any chances with dogs. We all know I'm not a huge fan. Run was fine once I started, but it's just that sometimes it's hard to pick my feet up and say I'm going to run. Other times it's so easy. Brought pizza home for dinner. It was good.

day 8. january 8. this Brooks half-zip makes me feel snuggly

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